platForum Glasgow

A voice for people affected by mental ill health in  South-west Glasgow

Welcome to platForum

A peer led mental health group based in the South West of Glasgow providing a forum to giving service users a voice to have their say on the local planning and development of mental health services in our community.


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14 December 2018

Website re-launch

Welcome to our fresh, relaunched website. It's been a while since platForum has had its own website. This new site will be easy to manage and more importantly, easy for you to read or navigate whether you are using a computer, tablet or mobile phone. Read more


platForum would like to wish you all a Happy Christmas.

However, we know that for many of us this is a difficult time of year whether we live with a mental health condition or not. We can struggle with the pressures of socializing, spending time with family, or we can feel lonely and isolated Read more



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