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A voice for people affected by mental ill health in  South-west Glasgow

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platForum is a peer-led group of people each with our own experiences of mental health impacting on our lives


We want to build a well connected,  active, supportive and involved community for people across South-west Glasgow.


We welcome anyone who wants to get involved.  Whether it is as a member, supporter, volunteer or just to keep in touch and find out more information about mental health we look forward to hearing from you


Please use the Contact Form below and someone will be  in touch shortly.


We are a voluntary group and do not employ staff or run services. If you are currently experiencing from any mental health issues please visit our 'getting help' page.

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 platForum is run entirely by volunteers and so we are not usually able to respond straight away, but we will get back to you within a few days.


By contacting us you agree that platForum can contact you by email.  Your personal details will not be kept for any other purpose without your consent.

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